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Palmer Miller Nelson Insurance Partners

3215 North High Street

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Columbus, OH 43202



We have grown our business on personal service to our clients. We are properly staffed, and have systems in place to be available for you when you need us. Whether you have a question, a car change, need certificates sent, want alternate quotes or to discuss payment options, one of our trained staff stands ready to be of service to you. We endeavor to take the "hassle" out of dealing with an insurance company.

We realize the claims process can be very frustrating. The Palmer Miller Nelson Insurance Partners
 employs a claims processor in our office just to streamline the claims process for you. This person is there to report your claims, and advise you the steps necessary to maximize the benefits under your policies with us. The claims processor can also identify situations where your agent needs to assist you.

With our personnel and computer systems, we can generate all the paperwork needed in today's business climate to reduce the time and personnel you need to commit to these costly functions. Certificates of Insurance, Additional Insureds Endorsements, Government Filings, and Verifications of Coverage to lenders are just a few of the functions we have available for you.

There are times when our commercial clients, through the course of their business, need certain insurance requirements to apply to a specific business dealing. Our staff and agents are ready to review these needs with you, and advise you on the possible associated "hidden" costs or risks involved in the transaction.

Located on High Street in the Clintonville area, we are easily accessible from Rt. 315 and I-71. Please feel free to stop by The Palmer Miller Nelson Insurance Partners to see and meet us. You will find a people-friendly environment, ready to service your insurance needs.

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